[jifty-devel] working with page regions, passing args

Matthew Lenz matthew at nocturnal.org
Mon Jul 16 23:35:37 EDT 2007

Looking at the example in the tutorial it shows using the pager via a
page region.  in the tutorial the collection that it is displaying is
setup inside the <%init> block.

instead I implemented a dispatcher which sets up a model collection and

set mycoll => $mycoll;

'sometemplate' has an args block with $mycoll required and in the body
of the template calls the page region 'somefragment'.
the page region 'somefragment' has a args block with $mycoll required
and the init block has the set_page_info

I setup the pager links (next/previous) just like in the tutorial and
gave next a click.  It complains:

"FATAL - view class error: no value sent for required parameter

So I add 'mycoll' => $mycol to the Jifty->web->link onclick args along
with 'page' (which was already there) and now it complains:

"Dumping circular structures is not supported with JSON::Syck
at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/Jifty/JSON.pm line 76."

what am I over looking?

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