[jifty-devel] Plugins that have their own models

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Jul 16 14:57:58 EDT 2007

On Jul 16, 2007, at 2:52 PM, Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp wrote:

> Sorry, I make my emails too long. As the dorky consultants around  
> the office say, quoting my Kolbe score, my red line is too long.
> This little nugget was the last line of my original message:
> > I also wonder if each plugin might want to supply a prefix to the  
> table names to avoid collisions.
> My patch doesn't include that. It was a thought I had as I finished  
> the email. It should be pretty easy to add by adding something like  
> "table_prefix()" to the Jifty::Plugin that could be overridden and  
> just calculates a preset table prefix from the plugin's name.

I suspect that's probably the right thing.
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