[jifty-devel] accessing Left and Right models through link table (LeftRight)

Matthew Lenz matthew at nocturnal.org
Sat Jul 14 03:16:10 EDT 2007

On Sat, 2007-07-14 at 00:02 -0400, Jesse Vincent wrote:

> #	Can you give me:
> 	warn ref($left_right);	
> 	warn ref($left_right->right);	
> >     print $left_right->right->name;
> > }
> >
> ...and the actual code for your model classes?

I got it working.  It was a bug further up the chain throwing me off the

unrelated question.  is there a reason why lots of the plugins don't use
sensible field types?  they all work with sqlite of course but sqlite
also understands (and ignores) stuff like varchar(255) and just uses
'text'.  It also does the same with lots of types like 'varchar' which
is not going to create cleanly on mysql for example.  So in short, if
sqlite doesn't care if you use proper field types then shouldn't the
default procedure to be using a standard field syntax that translates
cleanly between all the major RDMS?

> Thanks!
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