[jifty-devel] Action validation issue

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed Jul 4 10:40:35 EDT 2007

On Jun 26, 2007, at 1:01 PM, Bart Bunting wrote:

> Afternoon,
> I'm having a real problem trying to understand why my action isn't
> running.
> I'm using a continuation to fill in some of the fields in the initial
> action and the values now appear to be passed through correctly from
> the continuation but still no joy with getting the initial action  
> to validate.
> I've tried sticking in some debug output in J::Action.pm but I'm still
> stuck.
> The log below shows the problem.
> Basically what happens is that the Checkout page is filled in and a
> continuation to the process payment page is called.  All the fields
> validate correctly on the checkout page and the ones that are obtained
> from the process_payment action on the process payment page (called
> with a continuation) are defered correctly.
> Next the process_payment page is shown correctly, the fields filled in
> and submit hit.  The process_payment action runs correctly and then
> the CreateOrder action is tried again.  This time all the fields are
> validated apparently correctly but the overall validation fails.
> There are no errors printed to indicate what may be failing.
> I'm pulling my hair out with this one.  Have looked at it again and
> again and just don't get it.
> I'm guessing I'm just doing something wrong but I'm at the point where
> I'm not sure how to go forward :(.

in Jifty::Action, you want to instrument sub 'run' to dumper $self- 
 >result if $self->result->success is not true.

sub run {
     my $self = shift;
     $self->log->debug("Running action ".ref($self) . " " .$self- 
     unless ($self->result->success) {
         $self->log->debug("Not taking action, as it doesn't validate");


This MAY be a jifty bug with not clearing the result before a second  
run on the same request. It might also be an issue with your action..

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