[jifty-devel] "length is 42" deprecated in Jifty::DBI::Schema

Audrey Tang audreyt at audreyt.org
Fri Jan 26 08:39:47 EST 2007

In order to agree with Jifty::Action's param, as well as to not  
clobber user code's use of CORE::length(), the new release (0.32) of  
Jifty::DBI now introduces two deprecation warnings:


  Due to an incompatible API change, the "length" field in
Jifty::DBI columns has been renamed to "max_length":

      column foo =>
          length is 10;       # NOT VALID

Please write this instead:

      column foo =>
          max_length is 10    # VALID


Moreover, calling 'column' within a schema class is deprecated:

     package TestApp::Address::Schema;
     column address => ...;        # NOT VALID

   Please write this instead:

     package TestApp::Address;
     use Jifty::DBI::Schema;
     use Jifty::DBI::Record schema {
         column address => ...;    # VALID

A  developer-only version, 0.39_9999, makes use of Object::Declare to  
streamline the schema declaration mini-language; the two deprecations  
above became fatal errors.
We (obra, clkao, hlb, audreyt) at the Hualien hackathon are still  
porting Jifty trunk to use the new  declarative libraries, so please  
wait until Jifty::DBI 0.40 before upgrading
from Jifty::DBI 0.32 on production systems.


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