[jifty-devel] [bug] Jifty's I18N support

Agent Zhang agentzh at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 10:02:02 EST 2007

On 1/24/07, Jesse Vincent <jesse at bestpractical.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the revert. Can you come up with a failing test under
> standalone? That'll help make sure that it gets fixed correctly.

I've attached a naive test script to this mail. It's not meant to
merge into the Jifty test suite directly since I'm not using and also
can't use Test::WWW::Mechanize here. It is a plain LWP client and
doesn't set up a server automatically, but it works for me.

Here is how to run this test script:

Switch to *any* Jifty app's directory *with* Admin turned on and run
the following command:

    C:\JiftyBug>jifty server
    INFO - You can connect to your server at http://localhost:8888/

Please ensure it's listening to 8888 or you'll have to update my tests a bit.

And then run the script like this:

   $ perl i18n-standalone.t

With the SVN head, all of the __key__ tests are failing here (I'm
getting "# Looks like you failed 4 tests of 10.") regardless the Devel
mode is turned on or off.

Using my previous r2545, however, all tests are passing for both the
devel mode and the production mode:

    E:\agent>perl i18n-standalone.t
    ok 1 - can access admin console
    ok 2 - en works
    ok 3 - can access admin console
    ok 4 - ja works
    ok 5 - can access admin console
    ok 6 - fr locale works
    ok 7 - can access admin console
    ok 8 - zh-cn works
    ok 9 - can access admin console
    ok 10 - zh-tw works

I'm not sure if the bug is specific to Win32. So this script can serve
as a quick check.

>  (And
> I've got some time on a train tomorrow I could look at it during)

Wonderful! :D

Hope this helps. :)

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