[jifty-devel] [bug] Jifty's I18N support

Agent Zhang agentzh at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 22:45:58 EST 2007

Hi, there~

Jifty's I18N support has stopped to work for me. I think it *used* to work. :(

Experiments have shown that Jifty::I18N->new has to be called per
request in order to make internationalization take effect. Simply
calling Jifty::I18N->refresh per request (just as in the Devel mode)
has no effect either. Of cause, forcing Jifty::Handle to reconstruct
Jifty::I18N every time a user request comes is certainly suboptimal,
but I have no clue what is actually happening behind the scene.

FYI, I'm developing a patient management system in Jifty for a Chinese
hospital and I really need I18N in this project...

Any ideas?


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