[jifty-devel] I'm designing a DSL for jifty's web testing...

Nelson Elhage nelhage at bestpractical.com
Thu Jan 18 00:29:15 EST 2007

I'm not actually sure I really like any of them. I'll try to see if I
can figure out why...

On Wed, Jan 17, 2007 at 01:53:54AM -0500, Jesse Vincent wrote:
>        check { content matches qr{fsck.com} };
	This one isn't too bad. The check {...} block doesn't seem like
	it has a purpose; I almost want it to be assumed, since we know
	we're doing a test.
>        content should match qr{fsck.com};
	``should match'' is too many words for me. I want my DSLs to be
>        ok($mech->content =~ qr{fsck.com});
	This is no better than what we have.
>        content matches qr{fsck.com};
	This feels like you're asserting something to be true, rather
	than testing it. Yes, I realize this goes against what I said in
	the first one, but I'm just trying to get thoughts out there.
>        content should_match qr{fsck.com};
	See above for should_match. Adding the _ just makes it uglier.
>        check { content =~ qr{fsck.com} };
>        check: content =~ qr{fsck.com};
>        check( content =~ qr{fsck.com} );
	Same thoughts as the first one. I guess I kinda like the curly
	braces and =~ version; It feels like it says what it means, but
	is tight enough I won't mind typing it a hundred times (because
	for any reasonable app, you probably will be.)
>  any of those better than any others?

- Nelson

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