[jifty-devel] authentication plugins

Agostini yves agostini at univ-metz.fr
Wed Jan 17 11:40:31 EST 2007

food for thought on authentication plugins

Actually I don't write any line of code, I need help or advice before
beginning ;)

There's 3 main steps :

1. add a 'realm' accessor in CurrentUser
so application can use current_user->realm

2. add a User plugin
in Plugins/Auth/User
with a default model without action or dispatcher,
application can override this model.
We must define this default model.

3. add some credential plugins

in Plugins/Auth/Cred/Ldap

each credential plugin contains
 - web pages

 - dispatcher
 - actions
	which set current_user->id, username and realm
 ... Logout.pm
maybe we could use an optional parameter in config.yml to store users in
User plugin. Sometimes we don't need to register users. 

Actual Login plugin is now the more complexe plugin
as people have to confirm their mail address.
So I think to 2 solutions.
1. keep actual model and move confirmed email users to User plugin
2. remove model from login plugin and use only User plugin

What do you think about this ?

Agostini yves <agostini at univ-metz.fr>

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