[jifty-devel] Re: Data partitioning (ie multiple databases)

Edmund von der Burg evdb at ecclestoad.co.uk
Mon Jan 8 13:04:19 EST 2007


On 08/01/07, Robert Barta <rho at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
> The Jifty, RoR, ... class of web dev frameworks are all assuming that
> underneath they are dealing with data in a relational model.
> I here am developing a data integration framework based on Topic Maps
> (TM), one of the SW technologies. Accordingly, any application
> experiences the data...

Using topic maps (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topic_Maps) would be an
interesting thing to look into, but I think that it is not really
compatible with what I want to do. TMs would appear to be a good way
to interconnect several datasources which have similar information in

However I want to create several datasources that have an identical
schema but are inaccessible to each other. It would (for me at least)
be a feature that the data can only come from one datasource and that
there can be no sharing between them.

RDBMSs have their limitations but for my app their lack of flexibility
is a plus, and I am happy to live within their constraints. I just
want to be able to switch between them transparently for each Jifty

Good luck with your work on topic maps, although they don't fit my
current project I can see how they would be extremely useful in other


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