[jifty-devel] Re: Data partitioning (ie multiple databases)

Edmund von der Burg evdb at ecclestoad.co.uk
Sun Jan 7 12:40:09 EST 2007

Hmm, that email became longer than I expected. Has anyone had any
thoughts regarding using jifty with several datasources. I was hoping
to start playing around with code for this but don't want to get too
deep before getting some feedback as to the best approach.


On 31/12/06, Edmund von der Burg <evdb at ecclestoad.co.uk> wrote:
> Hello,
> Jifty allows you to create database backed web apps. However it
> assumes that all users of this web app want to share the same
> database, which in my opinion is a bad assumption. Hopefully I have
> some ideas here that would make it trivial to partition the database
> for each user or group of users.
> ..... and much more ......

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