[jifty-devel] Login Plugin

John Peacock jpeacock at rowman.com
Wed Jan 3 13:13:04 EST 2007

OK, I made my first commit back to the repository with improvements to the Login
plugin.  I'm not done yet, but here is what is confirmed to be working:

1) Define the LoginUserClass in the config file and have it work everywhere;
2) Login uses continuation to go back to whatever page you were on when you
attempted to log in;
2) Logout now redirects back to the root page;
3) Admin pages no longer freak out when using some other Model than User.

What isn't working yet (but I am on the way to fixing it):

4) Additional fields in the "User" class don't prompt correctly (but they work
fine under Admin mode, so I'm going to steal those fragments to do the work);
5) Need some documentation about what is required to use the Login plugin and
what can be optionally changed.

I'm home sick with a nasty cough, but I hope to get at least #4 working after lunch.


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