[jifty-devel] Login plugin questions

John Peacock jpeacock at rowman.com
Tue Jan 2 13:35:06 EST 2007

Jesse Vincent wrote:
> *nod* though I guess I expect that in ~any application, you're going to
> want to extend the model classes from your app, so saying that your user
> class needs to use J:P:Login::ModelMixins::User feels like it might be
> right.  I'm not SURE though.

The way I'm planning on using the Login plugin is to have a Person class 
with the application specific details and leave the User class stripped 
down, but we should be able to support either way with a minimum of 
difficulty.  I plan on prepopulating the Person class (it's for a 
membership database) and only have an associated User record if they 
want to log in to the website itself.

> *nod* The second half makes sense, but tying it to a class named User
> makes me a bit sad..but if that's the next step to get us closer to
> usable, so be it.

How about making it a fully qualified name, e.g 
APP::Model::PLUGIN::Class, so for this purpose it would be 
APP::Model::Login::User, which won't munge up the namespace so much. 
This would also make it easier to eventually create those on the fly. 
I'm not sure how this will play with the existing table creation code, 
i.e. are we still burning "User" as a tablename?


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