[jifty-devel] Login plugin questions

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Jan 2 13:23:51 EST 2007

> Ideally, using *any* Plugin should be a matter of adding it to the 
> SiteConfig.yml file and recreating the database to gain the default 
> behavior provided by the plugin (we could even create the stub Model 
> classes if they don't already exist).  But I'd be loath to add a scan 
> for plugin-defined models, since then you'd have to track which ones 
> already existed, and work out rules if both the app and plugin 
> implemented.  Of course, if you want to add a true mixin environment, we 
> could have the app extend the plugin model rather than override... hmmm

*nod* though I guess I expect that in ~any application, you're going to
want to extend the model classes from your app, so saying that your user
class needs to use J:P:Login::ModelMixins::User feels like it might be
right.  I'm not SURE though.

> That's actually the current default; as I originally designed it, it is 
> a little messy (all of the implementation modules have to inherit from 
> the Login.pm module).  In playing around with things, I think I can 
> simplify it without losing that ability; it would just be cleaner code 
> if we could state, /a priori/, that the Login plugin requires a table 
> User containing at least these specified fields.

*nod* The second half makes sense, but tying it to a class named User
makes me a bit sad..but if that's the next step to get us closer to
usable, so be it.

> >IIRC, there's a way to force a different page as the target after the
> >login.   That might work better. 
> I haven't figured out how to do that, so I think for now I'll just stick 
> in a redirect after the logout...
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