[jifty-devel] prototype and script.aculo.us update

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Jan 2 12:48:41 EST 2007

> What I was breaking my head about the last few days: Is there an  
> elegant way of applying an effect _before_ doing an update to a  
> region?

I don't know of one yet.

Technically this is not a problem, using the 'afterFinish'  
> hook of an effect to fire the region update. To allow this, there  
> would be a need to keep something like a TODO list inside the  
> "Jifty.update()" method that triggers its next item by a final hook  
> of the previous item. Everything concerning the same region would  
> have to run sequentially, different regions could run in parallel.

I'll let other folks speak to the implementation, but the desire makes
perfect sense.

> And: changing the "onclick" handler logic inside Jifty to allow an  
> effect to run without any region-changes or enable a developer to  
> change an image would be great.

Yep. that'd be cool.

> Does this make sense?
> Should we discuss more about this and try to outline some possible  
> expansions to the onclick-args and the consequences for the generated  
> JS Code or do you have different plans?

There isn't another plan that you'd be conflicting with.


> Regards,
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