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Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp andrew.hanenkamp at boomer.com
Wed Feb 28 18:21:05 EST 2007

Well, I think the simple solution would be to add a new API function
called during schema init that could hold the warning. However, I think
a better solution is to expand the type system to make the warning

Edgar Whipple's "user-defined data types" suggestion posted to the list
recently looks like a good start in this direction. I could see the
built-in types providing structure to this problem so that it's harder
to make the mistake, while providing flexibility to easily customize the
types if you really want to.  Then you provide a Storable type built-in
that bundles "blob" with the Storable filter.

Then these object types become the basic solutions and examples in the
tutorial and such. Type customization and filters become an advanced
topic. If you go off and customize the Storable type to use "text"
without making the other requisite changes or use the Storable filter on
your own, it's your own fault when it blows up.

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Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp wrote:
> What about cases where someone might use Storable and base64 together?

Good point.  I'll rework the check.  Maybe make it just a warning and
non-fatal?  That could be annoying though to people using it correctly.

> It also seems like this patch breaks the separation of concerns 
> between the filter and record classes. If there's going to be error 
> checking about the column being the correct type for a filter, it 
> needs to be a check done by the filter.

The reason for being in the record class and not the filter (the best
place, I agree) is because in the filter it can't be checked at Jifty
app start time, which is ideally when such a check would run.



> Cheers,
> Sterling

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