[jifty-devel] load_by_cols and access control

myshare mraptor at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 18:20:08 EST 2007

> I guess the big question is "What is the standard way of doing things?".  I
> think many of the Jifty standards ways I have only found through trial and
> error.  Once I have found them, I have come to appreciate the approach and
> try my best to leverage their power.

]- I agree this the hardest part of using Jifty, to find what is the
right way to do
a thing. Most of the time I have to read big chunks of code to figure
what is the
supposed 'standard way' of doing something.
The documentation on jify.org and cpan walk trough a simple stuff, but
that is it.
After that you have dig in the sources.

F.e. at the moment I'm digging the templates and autohandlers, css, js
.. to figure out
how the whole thing is laid out, so that later I hope be able to
modify it to my needs...
and after several hours of digging I got a menu
w/ blue font color on blue background ;(, but I don't want to modify the nav.css
but just modify some css-proprieties then i have to understand the
whole .css file
then look what classes are rendered in the HTML and finaly figure out what class
to modify/overwrite, if I can !
The interesting thing is that things that I expect should be simple a
hard to do,
but the hard things are easy to do (compared to the other frameworks).

I'm not comlaining just stating the fact ;)
Otherwise I feel Jifty is a great framework.

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