[jifty-devel] Override templates,css ?

mraptor mraptor at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 18:53:16 EST 2007


I was tring to build my own view-templates (i.e. my own wrapper,
header, css...etc), the problem is that when I done that the basic
interface (i mean the standard administraion mode, Halos ...etc..)
goes wrong.
Now even if I remove my new templates and css the interface is still
broken (only when I switch to Production mode everything appears like
(Even if I create completely new empty app its standard GUI is
broken !!! When I access this new-app /static/css/main.css the .css
from my other application appears ? make no sense ? Even if delete the
other application main.css, puzzled ?)
My first question is what is the correct way to override templates,
css, js....

What I would like better is a way to preserve the Admin mode (CRUD), but
for my application have everything build from my
wrapper,nav,headers,css.. ? Is this possible or I have to follow some
scheme ?

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