[jifty-devel] Use records created in template only when created

mraptor mraptor at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 11:29:40 EST 2007


I have an Action which is supposed to create records in several
different tables. For this reason I decided to ->new() the object in
the Action::setup() method. Then to ->create() them in take_action(),
so that I can do some other stuff in other methods in Action...or
use them in templates .. etc..
So far so good.... I created Action::fieldNames(), now I wanted to use
this in the template for something.. 
The problem after I done some debuging is that as it seems the Action 
object is created only when I submit a form i.e. when I first land in
the template there is no Action i.e. no record-objects ->new-ed i.e.
at this stage I can't use $action->fieldNames() or any of the records ..

After this long 'expose' ;) my question is how to abstract this in a way
so I don't need to ->new() record object once in tamplate once in
Action or anytime I need to call some record methods.

i.e how do u do this stuff ?

10x alot

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