[jifty-devel] Status of Login plugin

John Peacock jpeacock at rowman.com
Sat Feb 17 10:27:36 EST 2007

Henry Baragar wrote:
> John/Jesse,
> What is the status of the login plugin?
> I need to start working on the authentication & authorization portion of my 
> application next week in order to deploy at the end of the month (February) 
> and would like to know if the plugin will be available or if I should port an 
> authorization module that was done for another application.

Sorry, I've been behind at $work and home (version.pm releases and trying to get
a new SVN::Notify::Snapshot released).  As long as you are not using any
additional fields in your user database, the Login plugin works as is now.  I
may get some time this weekend (if Verizon doesn't mess up my FiOS again) to
take a look at rewriting the plugin templates to handle additional generic
fields during login without barfing.


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