[jifty-devel] possible to override Jifty::Action or Jifty::Action::Record?

Joshua Pollack jp at MIT.EDU
Sat Feb 10 18:58:13 EST 2007

Is it possible to write code in my app that somehow replaces
Jifty::Action or Jifty::Action::Record?  I would like to be able to
add some functionality to all Actions in my app, including the ones
that are automagically generated for me, like MyApp::Action::CreateFoo.

I tried creating MyApp::Action explicitly (in the lib directory),
expecting that the CreateFoo action would inherit from it, but the
automagically generated one inherits from Jifty::Action::Record::Create.

I can, of course, create a small army of tiny .pm files, for each of
my Models creating the four associated Actions, and within each of
those explicitly subclassing J:A:R:Create and MyApp::Action, and this
works, but it's messy.

Given Jifty's magic that can create modules for me, is there a simple
way to add to the modules those created ones inherit from, while still
benefiting from the magic (ie, w/o having to manually create all the


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