[jifty-devel] Playing with the class loader

Andrew Hanenkamp sterling at hanenkamp.com
Sat Dec 8 23:48:47 EST 2007

Looking at the class loader, it seems that it could be improved and
generalized. I found as I was building some other Jifty related tools,
particularly a generic Comment plugin and a web platform we're beginning to
plan for 2008 Q3 for work, I needed to automatically generate code based
upon simple templates. This work looks very similar to what is already
provided in Jifty::ClassLoader. Being iced in this weekend, I toyed with the
idea and came up with a new project: Class::AutoGenerate. I've placed it on
my personal SVN repository here if you want to check it out.


I built the first test modeled after a replicate of Jifty::ClassLoader:


It was inspired by both Jifty::ClassLoader and Jifty::Dispatcher. I'm not
sure it's the right way to reimplement Jifty::ClassLoader or not, but it's
an idea. I plan to use it for my own projects at this point if nothing else
and thought I'd share it as another declarative/jifty-ish tool that will
becoming to a CPAN mirror near you (once I finish cleaning it up).

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