[jifty-devel] Draft changelog for Jifty 0.70823

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Thu Aug 23 23:57:00 EDT 2007

  * Plugins may now have regular models. These are deployed after
   the schema is setup after adding the plugin to installation.
   Plugins can bootstrap and upgrade their schema with their own
   version numbers just like applications (though with slightly
   different details). - sterling

  * Adding a plugin for using the jQuery Javascript library with Jifty.
    - sterling

  * Fixing the chart plugin tests to match up with changes that have  
    to the API since they were written. - sterling

  * Chart plugin configuration updates:
   * Deprecating the renderer option.
   * Adding the DefaultRenderer option to replace renderer.
   * Adding the PreloadRenderers option to allow additional renderers  
to be preloaded.
   * Updated the documentation.
   * Made sure that the configuration is always passed to the  
renderer constructor, even if they are loaded late. - sterling

  * Chart Plugin: Removing extra comma from JavaScript list. - sterling

  * Chart Plugin: Whoops. Forgot to check in the actual XML SWF  
library. This
    is version 4.6. - trs

  - Chart Plugin: Treat the width and height appropriately
  - Chart Plugin:  Add the XML::Simple dep - trs

  * Bunch of updates to the chart plugin

      - Refactored dispatcher
      - Added XML SWF renderer
      - Renderers are now passed the configuration hash when init'd
   - trs

  * Chart Plugin: Use PlotKit.Base.map explicitly - trs

  * Chart Plugin: Render onAvailable instead of on window load so  
that we work
    in regions - trs

  * Chart Plugin: Make sure we do not attempt to render 0 pixel  
values no
    matter what.
   - sterling

  * Chart Plugin: Adding the SimpleBars renderer as a decent, dead- 
simple HTML-
    based renderer for HorizontalBars and a prototype for using  
tables for client-
    side chart configuration. - sterling

  * Chart Plugin: Removed some redundant code from the PlotKit  
renderer and
    added support for options to the GD::Graph and Chart renderers.
   - sterling

  * Chart Plugin: Improved the way the DIV tag is generated for PlotKit.
   - sterling

  * Chart Plugin: Added better error handling on renderer require.
   - sterling

  * Chart Plugin: Standardizing the chart types across the three current
    renderers. - sterling

  * Chart Plugin: Updated the behaviour script used by IMG chart  
renderers to
    make it more URI aware. - sterling

  * Chart Plugin: Fix failing dependency test because Chart uses GD  
to fix
    testing. - sterling

  * Chart Plugin: Added a renderer parameter to the chart() method  
and add per-
    renderer initialization. - sterling

  * Chart Plugin: Making the IMG-based chart renderers capable of  
handling CSS
    styling with some added behaviour. - sterling

  * Chart Plugin: Don't mess with the data structure if it's already  
    plotkit expects - trs

  * Chart Plugin: *Very* custom packed PlotKit (from svn) that no longer
    depends on MochiKit exporting functions into the global  
namespace. Still
    need to solve the issue of why MochiKit blows up when included in  
    honkin' JS file... - trs

  * Chart Plugin: Uncomment neccessary require. Make sure to handle  
    stuff - trs

  * Basic PlotKit renderer for Chart plugin - trs

  * Made the chart plugin test smarter and added one for the GD::Graph
    renderer. - sterling

  * Fixed an eensy POD bug. - sterling

  * Fixed POD coverage issue. - sterling

  * Updated POD and removed an unnecessary extra subroutine call. -  

  * Added a renderer for GD::Graph - sterling

  * Moved the chart/* dispatch to chart/chart/* to make room for  
    charting mechanisms. - sterling

  * Fixed the way arguments are passed to the render() method in
    Jifty::Plugin::Chart::Web. - sterling

  * Added a hack to chart.t (forcing an early load of GD) to avoid the
    segfault that was causing it to fail. Removed the TODO block from  
    test. - sterling

  * Regarding Jifty::Plugin::Chart: Added better comments. Fixed some
    error handling. Switched to using scalar_png(). Switched to using -
    >require rather than an eval to load Chart classes. Eliminated the
    need for IO::String. Moved some processing out of View and into
    Dispatcher. - sterling

  * Adding a test suite for Jifty::Plugin::Chart, but it is having weird
    troubles loading Chart::* because that seems to disconnect the  
    output or something. - sterling

  * Added the Chart::Base recommendation for the Chart plugin. -  

  * Added documentation to the experimental Chart plugin. - sterling

  * Adding a plugin for rendering charts of data. - sterling

  * Updated tabview plugin to work when it's not already inside a region
   - jesse

  * Fix IE issues with search div. - clkao

  * i18n for feedback plugin. - clkao

  * Incredibly naive "image column" userpic plugin.  - jesse

  * ActorMetadata plugin: Asset renamed to ActorMetadata
   - jesse

  * First cut of GoogleMap plugin. - clkao

  * Facebook plugin: Provide a way to link existing users with a  
    account - trs

  * Facebook plugin: More pod, forceable login - trs

  * Basic Facebook auth plugin - trs

  * OpenID Plugin: Add a "next" parameter so one can specify the next  
page to
    go after openid login. - gugod

  * debug plugin for logging dispatched rules and current user. - clkao

  * Password Auth: Plugin view class should respect app page. - clkao

  * Got the tabview plugin working with non-CRUD code.
  * got the tabview plugin preloading the first tab, even if it's  
marked as a region rather than a static tab - jesse

  * Single Page App: Unbreak nojs form submitting when SPA is  
enabled. - clkao

  * CompressedCSSandJS: support optional javascript minifier. - clkao

  * Move the javascript concatenating logic from Jifty::Web to the
    plugin. - clkao

  * CodePress plugin: bump version to 0.02, remove requirement to modify
    submit form button (and in process break next_page after it,  
because it
    turns normal form submit into Ajax form submit which doesn't handle
    redirects very well -- because it usually redirects to page which  
    valid XML) - dpavlin

  * Added a 'feedback' plugin
   - jesse

  * In SinglePage mode, allow Action::Redirect to happen within  
webservice and
    have the client js accepts it. - clkao

  * CodePress plugin; add language accessor to select syntax  
highlight language
    (instead of default generic), example of usage, replace onload with
    DOM.Events - dpavlin

  * CodePress plugin for web-based source code editor with syntax
    highlighting - dpavlin

  * Make SinglePage plugin configurable. - clkao

  * First draft of SinglePage plugin. - clkao

  * Make CompressCSSandJS optional.
* always refresh css & js if in devel mode. - clkao

  * OpenId Plugin: Fix has_alternative_auth. - clkao

  * Authentication::Password plugin: The (unused) resend_confirmation  
    was missing. - clkao

  * User model mixin for OpenID plugin.
* Make Authenticate::Password aware that there can be alternative
   authentication systems.
* Make OpenID plugin work even when Authenticate::Password is
   enabled. - clkao

  * OpenID Plugin: The minimum required OpenID View for your app to
    mixin. - gugod

  * TabView plugin. - clkao

  * Site news plugin - jesse

  * A Jifty console to provide quick diagnostic shell for debugging or
    maintaining purpose.

Yes, it's learnt from RoR, and it's good to have it when developing
applications, or when you just start learning Jifty. - gugod

  * This is the OpenID plugin code. Setting up your app to use OpenID  
isn't as
    easy as we thought it to be. Will need a receipe to teach people  
how to
    cook it. - gugod

  * Login plugin: return id of the user from action - ruz

  * REST dispatcher: always use warnings and strict. - jesse

  * REST plugin: render referencing fields in a saner fashion. - clkao

  * plugin to add a wiki toolbar to textarea - yves

  * plugin to use Wyzz online wyziwig editor to render textaera for  
test and
    comments - yves


  * Remove cargo-culting changing of $0 from Jifty::SubTest. It  
doesn't affect
    test output but does break things - jesse

  * respect initial PATH in env under fastcgi. - clkao

  * Add friendly_date method to Jifty::DateTime which special-cases
    yesterday/today/tomorrow - sartak

  * Jifty::View::Declare - Work around Perl 5.9.5 bug by avoid  
punning the
    constant name BaseClass with the subclass name ::BaseClass. -  

  * todo-ify failing tests in t/13-sessions.t - sartak

  * In action argument creation from model, do not assume refers_to  
always want
    a select based on id which we might not be referring to. Allow  
user to
    override render_as for refers_to columns. - clkao

  * Correct a crud component path. - clkao

  * Fix view CRUD template's method of getting the record - trs

  * First cut of a UUID column plugin, with a basic test in the user
    model - jesse

  * Add a load_by_kv to Jifty::Web::Session - sartak

  * Resolve import conflicts now that T::D and J::V::D::Helpers have  
a thingy
    with the same name - jesse

  * Moniker bulletproofing. Suggested by Mikko Lapasti - jesse

  * Push milestone 1 of trimclient to trunk. - clkao

  * Now make sure it's actually UTF-8 - trs

  * Make sure we get UTF-8 - trs

  * Fixing API qualification to make it possible to access actions  
    with plugins via ->new_class. - sterling

  * Don't mess with the HTML by default. This should likely become  
    in the future. - trs

  * Cleaned up the class loader a bit to make all the auto-generated  
    use the same name, remove an unnecessary elsif, and add a few more
    comments. - sterling

  * Need parens - trs

  * Fixed CRUD view to no longer require you to specify a base_path  
for the
    plugin's view. It was redundant and we could intuit it. - jesse

  * Refactor CRUD view to be more subclassable - Extract out per_page  
- trs

  * type can be empty for container columns. - clkao

  * support external javascripts. - clkao

  * Added support for application-specific plugins (i.e.,  
App::Plugin::XXX) and
    plugins named using the fully-qualified Jifty::Plugin::XXX name.  
- sterling

  * check if current_user->can('user_object') when tring to figure out
    timezone - dpavlin

  * Altered the ClassLoader to create Collections for models deeper  
under the
    model namespace,like "App::Model::Foo::Bar". These is consistent  
with the
    handling for actions and other components already in place. -  

  * Move pulling action defaults from action in request into the  
action's new,
    instead of a "private" argument.
   * Remove an extra place where we default the moniker to
   * A bunch of POD (re)wrapping. - alexmv

  * Recent YAML::Syck's get confused by trying to be too smart with
    $test_config, which is a filehandle which *also* stringifies to  
the path.
    Force stringification to get consistent (working) results. - alexmv

*       No matter what _resurect_current_user is intended for, it ought
           to be spelled _resurrect_current_user instead. :-) - audreyt

  * Mapper edge case failure (when no 'name' was given) - alexmv

  * add {_resurect_current_user} field into user module - ruz

  * protect ourself from circular references between User and  

we do it in user_object, so solution is generic should work in any  
case, but
only if people use the method to set user_object and user model uses  
key to store reference to the CurrentUser - ruz

  * Use Jifty::Util->share_root for finding plugin share roots so  
that if Jifty
    isn't installed it still DTRT
  * Only calculate static roots once and report on plugins adding  
roots (like the mason handler does) - trs

  * Allow app changeable cookie names - trs

  * Web::Form::Link - When escape_label was set, the tooltip property  
was (very
    sillily!) first escaped, then discarded away, displaying the  
unescaped text
    instead. It now escapes properly.
* Also make tooltips with value '0' display properly. - audreyt

  * Allow scheme to be specified for Jifty->web->url. This  
functionality was
    taken out during the move from "heuristics" to URI.pm, but for a  
    apparent reason. - trs

  * HTTPS and HTTP adjectives for dispatcher rules - trs

  * Jifty->web->form->next_page got dropped when you submit only a  
    action with Jifty->web->form->submit. This commit autoadds  
next_page if you
    submit only a subset of actions. - jesse

  * _redirect expects a local path, not a fully formed URL. (This  
only actually
    broke internal redirects) - jesse

  * Always give the dispatcher unescaped path like fastcgi does, from
    standalone, webservice, and region entrance. - clkao

  * work around annoying Module::Pluggable bug - sky

  * Make multiple use base lines into one for readability. - clkao

  * Admin UI: Don't trip over classes we can't require - jesse

  * Quiet a dispatcher warning - jesse

  * misc webservices_redirect cleanup. - clkao

  * Refactor handle_request to extract out methods
   * Only warn about denied actions on validate if they're also  
actions we want to run
   - jesse

  * Back out a Croak back to a die. (We're using it for exception  
handling, not
    to-user reporting) - jesse

  * Merge from fragcont branch to include minimum support of  
continuation in
    webservices requests to make SinglePageApp plugin work. - clkao

  * Only squelch "can't locate" errors relating to the class we're  
trying to
    require. If it's something else, it's likely a module use'd by  
the module
    we're requiring. - trs

  * correct en.po charset. - clkao

  * Only call LML->import once ever. - clkao

  * Kill 5% of startup time by not validating during  
DateTime::Locale. - clkao

  * Disable in-region redirect unless SPA is enabled. - clkao

  * Move methods unrelated to mason to Jifty::View. - clkao

  * Added support for "redirects" on fragment calls (which really  
just do an
    internal replace) - jesse

  * Really fix the region rewriting logic. - clkao

  * new Jifty->find_plugin method. - clkao

  * add a config file version, so we can change old defaults.
   - jesse

  * Correct app_class usage. - clkao

  * CurrentUser->username now uses brief_description on user_object.  
- clkao

  * In ClassLoader, be quiet when we are just trying to see if a module
    exists. - clkao

  * When we convert a model into an action, don't deref and then  
reref the
    array of possible valid values. We lose any attempt at possible  
magic that
    we might have. - jesse

  * A move to hand on the rendering of JDBI::Collection columns to app

     We used to just ignore the rendering of any columns that refers to
     a JDBI::Collection, because there's no trivial way to do so.

     However, if the column comes with a "render_as", we can assume that
     the app developer know what he/she is doing.  So we just render it
     as whatever specified.

     One scenario is that a collection of tags is rendered as a normal
     text input field, and develoeprs create tags records in their Tag
     model in before_create() method. With ajax canonicalize_tags this
     could be a simple and smart interface, and not difficult to  
     at all.

     I'm sure that it'll open the chance to let developers write their
     own collection rendering modules like I did before. If we keep
     being ignoring, this won't even happend. - gugod

  * add data to the result indicating which requested actions were  
denied and
    mark them failed. Options for a better denied message coming soon  
- falcone

  * Extract the model list from Script::Schema to Schema - jesse

  * Incremental extraction of schema management from
    Jifty::Script::Schema - jesse

  * Cause more compiliation failures to actually stop the app from  
   - jesse

  * Cause more compiliation failures to actually stop the app from  
   - jesse

  * Cope better with malformed fragment requests - alexmv

  * Push app_root/lib onto @INC when we create a new Jifty object -  

  * Moved the commands for add/drop column to Jifty::Record (they  
should move
    to JDBI eventually)
  * Added a drop_table to Jifty::Record
   - jesse

  * Added the before_access trigger and a simple test for it. Also  
    TestApp and the current_user test to make them compatible with  
the new
    before_access test. - sterling

  * '*' matches only a single level in the dispatcher. '**' matches  
all level.s
    We want to run the "Home" rule at all dispatcher levels.

   - jesse

  * Make compile errors in autorequired modules fatal - jesse

  * FCGI.pm ties our streams and its implementation doesn't have  
support for
    setting IO layers with binmode, but we can do the same using
    Encode::encode. We just turn on raw mode on STDOUT and convert to  
    ourself using Encode.pm and charset definition from the content type
    field. - ruz

  * Extensive UTF8 improvement: to sanity through insanity

* control mode of output handles, if content type has charset defined
     then we set :encoding(<charset>) output layer (or :utf8), otherwise
   * regions are special as we print out them into STDOUT, but sometimes
     need them as a string. We localize STDOUT and get data, however  
     of the above canonicalization we get octets or binary, so we check
     again the current content type. If the type contains charset  
     then we decode octets back into perl string(in terms of perl  
unicode support),
     otherwise we leave things as is.

   jifty is sane when apps' developers are sane
   * never use 'bytes' pragma
   * avoid using 'encoding' pragma
   * use perl strings in jifty
   ** when you get a text data from external sources then  
Encode::decode it
   * set output encoding with $r->content_type('type/subtype;  
   ** by default it's UTF-8
   ** you can use cp1251 (or other) and things should work, user will  
      data in cp1251 and browser should display it right
   ** don't Encode::encode things before output

   everybody have own critirea of sanity
   * if you think that something is wrong then add tests to jifty

      - ruz

  * we shouldn't silence utf8 warnings - ruz

  * utf8::downgrade converts to octets only if string had been  
upgraded, what
    is not always true for 'perl strings' - ruz

  * escape_utf8
   * don't use bytes just escape things doesn't matter if it's
     flagged string or not, perl must do the right thing.
   * don't localize ref, use it directly, afaik smaller
     memory footprint - ruz

  * utf8::downgrade doesn't like strings as FAIL_OK, only integers, 1  
is not
    that cool as 'FAILURE IS OK', but works - ruz

  * initial environment that makes fastcgi work got deleted - jesse

*      This module is for rendering a collection of input fields at once
         as a single widget. The major goal is to let developer say  

      column bars =>
        refers_to "My::Model::BarCollection",
        render as "Collection"
        availables are defer {

    in their model class, and it'll just display a nice form to input
    the value for a list of available bars. - gugod

  * fixed Jifty::View::Declare::Helpers since we now install tag subs  
    to the target package instead of using @EXPORT. We now makes use of
    T::D::Tags's @TagSubs struct - agentz


  * WWW::Mechanize versions before 1.30 had broken gzip behaviour  
which broke
    tests - jesse

  * properly skip client side td test if new B is not found. - clkao

  * GD is not mandatory requirement. Skip chart test if not found. -  

  * require Class::Trigger 0.12 for abortable triggers used by css/js
    compression plugin. - clkao

  * debian packaging - yves

  * Makefile.PL - Jifty now depends on TD 0.26 - agentz

  * r1254 at agentz-office: agentz | 2007-08-10 17:08:14 +0800  
Makefile.PL - do
    NOT skip any tests under t/ unintentionally ;) - agentz

  * Updated the module recommendations for the Chart plugin. - sterling

  * Adding Image::Info dependency used during testing of  
    - sterling

  * add missing Test::Log4perl dep and update the Jifty::DBI  
requirement -

  * Changing the Jifty console requirement back to default => 0. -  

  * debian dependancies
* T::D 0.21 needed to pass tests - yves

  * add IPC::Run3 to dependency. - clkao

  * Update dep to include version of Module::Pluggable that is  
patched so that
    compile errors are caught - trs

  * Add dependency on Class::Trigger - alexmv

  * here sunnavy comes, ;-) - sunnavy

  * typo in recommends - falcone

  * Add myself to AUTHORS - andk

  * Better diagnostic messages in the dependency checking script.  
Thanks to
    Andreas Koenig - jesse

  * don't index plugins' test directories - jesse


  * Add failing tests for load_by_kv with chr(0) - sartak

  * clean up load_by_kv - jesse

  * The warnings come from the server code after the fork.  
Test::Log4Perl isn't
    going to catch them. - jesse

  - Fix our test mech to not choke on non-default cookie names
  - Clean up page headers
  - Remove unecessary var - trs

  * Fix the template subclassing tests. - clkao

  * Helper method for mounting crud view. - clkao

  * Add a little pod coverage - sartak

  * Make sure there's always a stash during testing since we don't  
always go
    through the web - sartak

  * Pass defaults to render_region in test. - clkao

  * the actual templates for the 16- test.t/TestApp - clkao

  * failing tests for region and show inconsistency. - clkao

  * make a chdir conform to the rest of the test suite and use  
    chdir noticed by Andreas Koenig during his cleanups - falcone

  * add tests for UTF-8 related things - ruz

  * a failing test about utf8 when using T::D - yves

*                 we need bytes in escape_uri then 'use bytes'
* resulting string is always valid ascii string,
   so we shouldn't forcibly set utf flag - ruz

  * fast test support: truncate tables rather than recreating  
database when
    JIFTY_FAST_TEST is specified. - clkao


  * update tabview plugin to use new relative path syntax for td show 
(). -

  * don't use pager to determine items as list_items might be called  
    and no pager has been set on the collection. - clkao

  * Jifty::Plugin::SkeletonApp::Dispatcher - Do not override the  
'Home' menu
    item if the app had set it already. - audreyt

  * Jifty::View::Declare::CRUD - I18N. - audreyt

  * Fixed a problem where some disabled elements weren't re-enabled  
after a
    submission when the disabled elements were outside of the  
fragment being
    refreshed. - efunneko

  * Added a new helper, new_record_action(), that wraps new_action()  
    additional help creating Create, Update, Delete, and Search  
actions for
    models. - sterling

  * Fixes to use_mason_wrapper():
   * Added a test to make sure use_mason_wrapper() works.
   * Added $jifty_internal_request to note whether a Mason request is  
internal or not.
   * Altered the autohandler to use $jifty_internal_request when  
blocking access to /_elements/
   * Fixed error handling in the autohandler to redirect to /__jifty/ 
error/requested_private_component rather than /errors/ 
requested_private_component - sterling

  * Give the browser (particularly Safari) some more "settle time" - trs

  * Added support for more javascript triggers for most form  
elements: onclick
    onchange ondblclick onmousedown onmouseup onmouseover onmousemove
    onmouseout onfocus onblur onkeypress onkeydown onkeyup onselect -  

  * Fix to a JavaScript bug performing the rerendering of IMG graphs. -

  * Without the conditional we'll hide errors as soon as we display  
them - trs

  * Add explicit hide/show for the error, warning, and  
canonicalization note
    divs. This solves some long time ugliness on IE. However, it is  
not perfect
    as I am still getting some rendering issues on IE. Does not seem  
to break
    anything on FF. - sterling

  * Fix a fragment update regression caused by the trimclient merge.  
- clkao

*              Make enter key submit in the address search popup.
* Fix the close link in ambigious address popup. - clkao

  * Add some classes - trs

  - CRUD view: Minor refactoring for easy wording change
  - Provide the D in CRUD - trs

  * CRUD: Don't bother showing edit link if current user can't - clkao

  - Plugin CSS and JS (which should be put in
    share/plugin/Jifty/Plugin/Foo/web/static/{css,js}) is now  
compressed by
  - CCJS can compress more than just main.css by calling Jifty->web- 
 >add_css("file.css") - trs

  * in REST record_to_data, skip container columns. - clkao

  * r60264 at 102: jesse | 2007-07-08 21:52:09 -0700
   * Template::Declare behaviour change for "show 'foo'" to now show  
foo at the current template depth. - jesse

  * r24794 at zot: tom | 2007-06-21 02:46:02 -0400 Restore and update  
the OOM
    patch to the YUI calendar - trs

  * Convert to using the form of declaring titles that works when  
using the
    mason wrapper with TD - trs

  * CRUD plugin cleanup and refactoring - jesse

  * CRUD View: Also export display_columns so it's not required to
    override it - trs

*       New Template::Declare page syntax for additional code block run
          before wrapper, and have the returned value passed to wrapper:

template foo =>
   page { title => 'this is title', other => 'foo' }
   content {
     h1 { 'blah }
   }; - clkao

  * Fix jifty->web->out from without td used with mason wrapper. - clkao

  * try not to interfere when a user clicks on a link with a modifier  
    pressed - jesse

  * YourApp::View->use_mason_wrapper now lets your write page {} in  
TD but uses
    your mason wrapper. - clkao

  * Do not call update() when ctrl-clicked - clkao

  * Fix javascript emission when CompressedCSSandJS plugin is not loaded
    noticed by dpavlin++. - clkao

  * Refactor the CRUD view to make it easier to customize the output  
- jesse

  * when rendering the keybindings div, reset Jifty.KeyBindings.  
Ideally we
    might want to keep the state with the div so it resets itself when
    replaced. - clkao

  * For post fragment update script evaluation, use YUI OnAvailable  
rather than
    hardcoded setTimeout. - clkao

  * switch url from an attribute to a child node for ajax redirects.  
(The old
    behaviour didn't work in safari) - jesse

  * add_javascript method to simplify adding JS libs and updated doc  
- trs

  * Fix update() called from non-form. - clkao

  * Implement "submit => undef" in onclick hook where it should  
submit all
    actions. - clkao

  * Let the code calling the wrapper specify a page class to use to  
    multiple page types - trs

  * Make redirect inside region work. - clkao

  * Make Jifty->web->out work during the dispatch rule stage. - clkao

  * Optionally use app's View::Page class for wrapper. - clkao

  * refactor the TD wrapper into a class. - clkao

  * Abstract render_footer.
* Header is always considered done when sending out nontoplevel  
wrapper in spa. - clkao

  * r57907 at pinglin: jesse | 2007-06-03 16:59:42 -0400
   * The SPA templates no longer include css and js twice - jesse

  * Template::DEeclare now gets a hashref of all the arguments set()  
in the
    dispatcher. - jesse

  * Fix search collection for CRUD. - clkao

  * Better factored CRUD library, ready for local overriding - jesse

  * Calendar: Our default canonicalizer is yyyy-mm-dd, while the  
    generates single-character months and dates sometimes.  
Standardize on the
    two-digit form. - alexmv

  * CRUD view and a working example (sitenews) - jesse

  * Always use an application's 'wrapper' in preference to the Jifty  
   - jesse

  * clean url for submenu - yves

  * add a render_as_classical_menu to have the same menu with T::D  
view than
    older mason _elements/nav. - yves

  * Stop a certain class of validator error that causes an infinite  
loop in
    IE - jesse

  * CRUD builder search works
   - jesse

  * Jifty::View::Declare::CRUD lifted from BabelBee
   - jesse

  * add the ability to have some code before a javascript click :  
onclick => [
    { beforeclick => "<somecode>;" }, { args => ... - yves

  * More refactoring in support of adding new view handlers. - jesse


  * Jifty.Subs needs outs_raw. - clkao


  * Minor pod additions. removing unneeded wrappers - jesse

  * Adding documentation for Action and Static attributes to resolve POD
    coverage test failures. - sterling

  * Adding tangent and return to the glossary. - sterling

  * Updating Pod and source comments for Jifty::Config. Performed  
some Perl
    tidying and added a new section describing why Jifty uses three  
levels of
    configuration files (may need additional editting). - sterling

  * Cleaning up the Pod and adding a few code comments to  
    - sterling

  * Added myself to AUTHORS - efunneko

  * Updating Pod and adding code comments to Jifty::Client. - sterling

  * Major Pod improvement to the class loader, many more helpful code  
    and some tidying for the class loader. Phew. - sterling

  * Cleaning up the Pod for Jifty::Bootstrap - sterling

  * Improved code comments and minor perl tidy. - sterling

  * Added more POD to fix coverage issues and added a description to the
    client_cacheable and client_cache_content methods of PageRegion.  
- sterling

  * Additional fix to POD coverage for the CRUDView attribute. -  

  * Fixing POD issues in CRUD, adding some code comments, and minor perl
    tidying. - sterling

  * Fixing error that occurred during previous push. - sterling

  * Improving some of the Pod, code comments, and minor perl tidying. -

  * Improved code comments and minor perl tidy. - sterling

  * Added more POD to fix coverage issues and added a description to the
    client_cacheable and client_cache_content methods of PageRegion.  
- sterling

  * Additional fix to POD coverage for the CRUDView attribute. -  

  * Fixing POD issues in CRUD, adding some code comments, and minor perl
    tidying. - sterling

  * Improving some of the Pod, code comments, and minor perl tidying. -

  * add myself to AUTHORS :) - sartak

  * added some pod to help make pod tests pass - jesse

  * Added a recipe for using "result_of" to fetch information about  
actions for
    use in appends. - sterling

  * Added NAME sections and short descriptions for the CPAN module  
    - sterling

  * Adding documentation to Jifty::Plugin::Debug to fix POD coverage  
    - sterling

  * Added an additional see also to Jifty::Manual::AccessControl to  
the User
    and Authentication::Password plugins. - sterling

  * The true return value of the module needs to not be part of the POD
   * Fix a POD nitpick - alexmv

  * word-wrapping some POD - nelhage

  * Fleshing out and cleaning up the documentation for
    Jifty::Plugin::Authentication::Password. - sterling

  * Fleshing out and cleaning up the documentation for  
    - sterling

  * Added a many-to-many relationship recipe to the cookbook. - sterling

  * added see also section to Jifty::Upgrade - bartb

  * Now with more POD! (and passing POD tests) - trs

  * Extracting talks from the jifty dist - jesse

*              r58374 at pinglin: jesse | 2007-06-14 20:17:33 -0400
   * Full doc for the existing CRUD templates - jesse

  * Cleaning up and improving some of the view documentation. - sterling

  * Yada Sample application: Example::Todo is too hard to type. Yada!  
- clkao

  * The cookbook was wrong about the auth recipe - jesse

  * More comment about the JAFF handling special case from update().  
- clkao

  * Clarifying comments about the plugins lists - trs

  * document why the validate hack exists. - clkao

  * exceedingly minor POD fixes. - diakopter

  * fix some pod bugs in Jifty/API.pm - sunnavy

  * update zh_cn.po - sunnavy

  * documentation fix that seems to have been forgotten when length  
was renamed
    max_length - andk

  * add 'Login on demand' section to Cookbook - ruz

  * Added section on dynamically created binary content in the  
cookbook - alech

  * add docs to pass the pod-coverage tests - falcone

  * small update to ru.po - ruz

  * add docs to escape_uri
* fix it in the way need it to work, it's escape_uri_utf8. there is no
   way to escape binary and text scalars in one sub, we need the  
latter. - ruz

  * ru.po - ruz

  * linked POD++ - ruz

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