[jifty-devel] Template::Declare now (partiallly) supports XUL and custom XML dialects

Agent Zhang agentzh at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 03:40:47 EDT 2007

Hi, all,

I've refactored Template::Declare::Tags and introduced the long
over-due TagSet feature to TD.

HTML tag list and other related info have been moved to HTML::TagSet,
and XUL::TagSet is also added. We can now control which tag set to use
by the following lines of code:

    package MyApp::Templates;
    use Template::Declare::Tags qw/ XUL::TagSet /;
    use base 'Template::Declare';

    template foo => sub {
        window { attr { ... } groupbox { .... } }

And it's also possible to specify multiple tag sets:

    use Template::Declare::Tags qw/ XUL::TagSet HTML::TagSet /;

(This example is not very realistic BTW.)

By default, Template::Declare::Tags uses HTML::TagSet so that existing
code won't break.

The user can define their own tag set classes as long as these classes
subclass Template::Declare::TagSet and implement the corresponding
methods (i.e. get_tag_list, get_alternate_spelling, and

See the POD in these classes for more info :)

Now I'm considering adding the XML namespace support to TD. I'm
proposing the following design:

    package html;
    use Template::Declare::Tags 'HTML::Tags' => { tag_prefix => 'html:' };

    package MyXulApp::Templates;
    use Template::Declare::Tags 'XUL::Tags';
    template foo => sub {
        groupbox {
            html::p { 'hello, XML!' }
            html::table {}

And show('foo') will give:

  <html:p>hello, XML!</html:p>

Thoughts? Comments?


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