[jifty-devel] Chart plugin: Handling scripts in regions

Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp sterling at hanenkamp.com
Sun Aug 5 19:26:37 EDT 2007

On 8/5/07, Thomas Sibley <trs at bestpractical.com> wrote:
> Andrew,
> Could you let me know if the attached patch makes the PlotKit renderer
> work with regions the way you described?

That did fix it. I should have just attempted that myself. For some reason,
(that I can't find now) I thought stripScripts() was ripping out the scripts
on region reloads even thought I knew that wasn't the case (or nested
regions wouldn't work).


I did discover a problem with PlotKit (which helped lead to the creation of
SimpleBars), which is that it doesn't support much without the Adobe SVG
Viewer installed. Since our clients use IE 6 and IE 7 almost exclusively,
that's probably not a great solution. I'm currently using a combination of
SimpleBars and GD::Graph to handle it just now, but I haven't yet found
something better either as Perl graphics or Open Source JavaScript/Flash

We may end up buying Emprise JavaScript Charts (http://www.ejschart.com/).
It's cheap and has a free (as in beer) offering, but not Open Source, which
I try to use when I can.
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