[jifty-devel] Chart plugin: Handling scripts in regions

Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp sterling at hanenkamp.com
Sun Aug 5 09:42:52 EDT 2007


I've done some clean up on the charting API, which has included some patches
on the PlotKit renderer. I've tried to clean things up a bit now that we
have a few renderers and I know what to look for.

A new problem I see now is that if you place a PlotKit chart inside of a
region and then replace that with another region containing PlotKit charts,
the charts never render because the script tags are stripped. I was trying
to think of a better way to handle this and was wondering if we might render
a table containing the data for the chart, which would then be replaced by a
PlotKit chart when the next Behaviour.apply() call is made. This could be a
standard facility provided by the plugin rather than by the renderer since I
expect other renderers to need something like it. If PlotKit failed to
render, at least there'd be a table showing the data.

What do you think?


P.S. Thanks for the work on PlotKit. It'll make the big bosses happier than
what I would have had time for otherwise.
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