[jifty-devel] It wor.... oh no :-(

AlainBB alain at barbason.be
Mon Apr 2 16:58:40 EDT 2007

I discover Jifty in a french magazine Linux+, and I try it.
First problem, I use debian/sarge and it miss 
liblocale-maketext-simple-perl in dependence. ok i add (apt-get installl 

After i have

alain at palier500:~/colloque$ jifty model --name Hotel
The following parameter was passed in the call to 
Jifty::View::Mason::Handler->new() but was not listed in the validation 
options: plugins

I read


but I don't use win but debian/sarge and i have Mason 1.26.

What can I do to update just this module ?


by AlainBB

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