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Before I commence too far on this, I want to clear it with you first and
make sure no one else isn't already working on it. Basically, I've been
looking at the latest improvements to the trunk, T::D, and the new JDBI
plugin system and I think making ModelClass and ModelClassColumn into
mixins and moving both into a ModelClass plugin seems like the logical
next step.


I think this would solve a few issues:


*         Permissions are a problem. How do we regulate who/when an
application is able to create models, update columns and such? With a
mixin, this would be up to the application developer.

*         This makes adding "proprietary mojo" easy. For example, the
CAS+ class has a Profile model that associates additional information
with the database backed models. Profile could just be the database
backed model with extra information if ModelClass was a mixin. The same
goes for ProfileProperty and ModelClassColumn.

*         It also means that an application might have multiple
ModelClass objects for different purposes.

*         I think this could help make the merge of the V-M branch with
the trunk happen sooner.


Another plugin could be provided to give a basic implementation of these
two mixins without additional program (e.g., the ModelBuilder plugin,
which provides the UI to match).


Good idea? Bad idea?



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