[jifty-devel] Database Help

Scott T. Hildreth shildreth at allantgroup.com
Fri Sep 29 11:48:14 EDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-09-29 at 10:41 -0400, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> >   I'm just curious why the default is to make the table name plural.
> Like the rest of Jifty, largely "because it feels right to me." But we
> made it very easy to override in your application's 

  yes very easy.  
  ..works good, it is nice to able to use DBD::Proxy.

  I dumped the object and noticed all the tables columns were in the
object.  Is there a way to automatically get accessor methods, without
a "column name => type is 'blah'" in the ::Record base class?

> ::Record base class
> if you think I'm crazy ;)
> -jesse
Scott T. Hildreth <shildreth at allantgroup.com>

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