[jifty-devel] Database Help

Scott T. Hildreth shildreth at allantgroup.com
Wed Sep 27 15:59:44 EDT 2006

I know I am probably missing this in the docs, but I can't find it or
misunderstand them.  I have an existing database (Oracle) and I would
like to setup a look up page, using Jifty.  Basically I am following 
the Tutorial to get me started.  What I am not sure of is how do I map
the current table?  Do I add the columns to the Model pm and then do a
jifty schema --setup?  Will Jifty create the object mappings for the
columns and not try to create the table?  Am I way off here?  This would
be a nice tutorial to add to the docs.  I would be willing to create it
once I figure out what I am doing.  Sorry if this obvious, this is my
first attempt to use a web-framework.  My web experience is basically
been with some basic CGI codding.  


Scott T. Hildreth <shildreth at allantgroup.com>

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