[jifty-devel] Re: [Jifty-commit] r2083 - jifty/trunk/lib/Jifty/Manual

John Peacock jpeacock at rowman.com
Mon Oct 30 09:14:32 EST 2006

jifty-commit at lists.jifty.org wrote:
> +Asking user to input something in a form is really common in a web
> +app. For some certain form fields you want them to have a certain
> +normalized/canoncicalized form in database, and you could do a ajax

> +canonicalization in Jifty very easily. Lets say your User model need a
> +canonicalized C<username> field to make sure those names are n
> +lowercase.  All you have to do is define a metnod named

> +The ajax canonicalization happenes when the input focus leaves that

Should I just commit these myself??? ;-)


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