[jifty-devel] sarge repository and french localisation

Agostini yves agostini at univ-metz.fr
Mon Oct 30 06:27:35 EST 2006

Hi devels,

I'm playing with Jifty for one week and it looks really great, thanks
for this wonderfull job.
Now I plan to deploy in few weeks an application to manage a small
Well I put a repository for debian sarge.
I package Jifty from cpan with only some fix for debian/control
dependencies. There are certainly usable for ubuntu.
I localize Login plugin and add po files for french.
You could see my working notes here :
with repository address and a kind of tutorial (it was hard to find
documentation and examples)

I found only two minors bugs. One in WebMenu and the use of Email:MIME
1.855, 1.852 works fine. Details are on my working notes.

Now my questions list :-)
- do you want my diffs and po files ?

- has somebody work on a mod_perl handler ?

- is there a more elegant way in a view to make a "create or update"
form than in my register view with :
   my ($exist,$message)=$record->load($user);

I will try to make a screencast. Feel free to send me any comment or

PS: the table "Inscrit" is for "Subscriber"
PS2: my wiky protect % and change it in ‰, take care for copy/paste

AGOSTINI Yves             CRI - Université Paul Verlaine - Metz
agostini at univ-metz.fr     http://www.crium.univ-metz.fr
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