[jifty-devel] Using OR in a Collection->limit

Henry Baragar Henry.Baragar at instantiated.ca
Thu Oct 12 10:44:35 EDT 2006


We need to be able to select rows

select * from Trade where tdate = '2006-10-11' and (buyer = 21 or seller = 21)

Here is our attempt using a Jifty collection:

    $date = '2006-10-11';
    $cust = 21;
    my $trades= Billing::Model::TradeCollection->new;
    $filled->limit(column => "tdate", value => $date);
    $filled->limit(column => "buyer", value => $cust);
    $filled->limit( entry_aggregator => 'or',
       column => "seller", value => $cust);

The "OR" never gets into the select clause:  The last two limit's are "AND"ed.

What are we doing wrong?  How do we fix this?


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