[jifty-devel] Customizing the Jifty Login plugin.

Wolfgang Kinkeldei wolfgang at kinkeldei.de
Thu Nov 30 15:30:05 EST 2006


On 28.11.2006 at 07:22 C.G. LEE wrote:
> I'm now trying to add two columns to the Login User; homepage,  
> blog. I added the two columns to Model::User::Schema, and  
> Model::User inherits the User model of the Login. Then, when I try  
> to sign up, I got the error below,
> Error in /home/w3pm/perl/lib/site_perl/5.8.8/Jifty/Action/Record.pm  
> line 149 Can't locate object method "homepage" via package  
> "Jifty::Plugin::Login::Model::User"
> I think Jifty grabs my User(Model) but not my Signup(Action). I  
> could edit the Login dispatcher, but I don't want to touch the  
> Login. Please show me the recipe if you have.

I tested a bit to see what happens. If you create a class  
"App::Model::User" having "Jifty::Plugin::Login::Model::User" as base  
and append fields to the schema, the database is created right. fine.

After an action of class "App::Action::CreateUser" is build via Jifty- 
 >web->new_action, this action reports its "record_class" to be  
"Jifty::Plugin::Login::Model::User" instead of your own class  
"App::Model::User". I am not quite sure, but I think this is a side- 
effect of Module::Pluggable, as I did never see a  
"App::Action::CreateUser" to get created by "Jifty::ClassLoader".

Applying a *bad* hack into the "App::User" class like

   # bad hack!!!
   package App::Action::CreateUser;
   sub record_class {

now reports the right "record_class" on the action and the admin  
works. However, the Action modules in the Login plugin explicitly use  
the "Jifty::Plugin::Login::Action::..." actions, so they will not  
work on expanded models.
Maybe there is a way to get around this. I personally would find the  
possibility of expanding the "User" record fine...

Otherwise I should better erase the "Expanding..." section on  



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