[jifty-devel] Can I override templates(Mason files)?

Agostini yves agostini at univ-metz.fr
Thu Nov 30 12:08:55 EST 2006

Le jeudi 30 novembre 2006 à 09:49 -0500, C.G. LEE a écrit :
>         What do you want to extend in Login schema ?
> I want to add a few columns to my app's user model. For example,
> homepage, blog.(I really need the user model that refers_to the group
> model) 
> I saw your tutorial and screencast(good job!), there your User has the
> same name and number of columns to the Login's. If you need, say,
> user's address when they sign up, how can you do that?


I'm not sure to understand your pb, maybe you need to create a new
model/table for Group and use a foreign key with 'refers_to' see
"Inscrit.pm" in my tutorial.


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