[jifty-devel] Can I override templates(Mason files)?

Agostini yves agostini at univ-metz.fr
Thu Nov 30 04:13:15 EST 2006

Le jeudi 30 novembre 2006 à 00:52 -0500, C.G. LEE a écrit :
> Hi, there
> As in the email title...  I really need that. 
> now I'm looking for a way how to extend the Login's schema. I tried
> out my App's dispacher and could change the action class, but I
> couldn't that on the template(signup). 

I just try to edit and change signup with "edit in place" and when I
save it, signup was, as expected, in my app and it override original

Maybe you want to rename signup ?

> I think I should be able to control templates either in the config.yml
> or in app's dispatcher. but actually I'm not sure.

What do you want to extend in Login schema ?
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