[jifty-devel] Two models share a table?

C.G. LEE yuand2 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 25 03:15:03 EST 2006

Hi, there

In Jifty, models don't have corresponding  tables? I think there's a way but
I don't know.

I made a Jifty application, TestApp, and a model Bogus1. In the Bogus1
model, there is Name column.

Then, after a while, I made the second model, Bogus2, and the model also
have Name column.

When I run "jifty schema --setup" for Bogus2, I got an error like this;
duplicated column so FAILED.

I've checked my database, and there was the boguses table, but not the
bogus2s table.

The two models seemed to try to share a table. If not, how duplicated?
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