[jifty-devel] Preliminary changelog for the forthcoming jifty release

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Thu Nov 23 22:27:51 EST 2006

Below is a first cut at the new jifty release changelog. If I've done
something truly horrible, please scream at me in the next little bit.
I'm going to put a _dev release up on CPAN now.


New authors

  • Add yves in authors, for localisation, debian packaging -yves
  • Added PJF to AUTHORS file. -pjf
  • Added evdb as a new author -evdb

PubSub (audreyt, clkao, jesse)

  • Audrey, Jesse and CL hacked out a PubSub message bus and a preliminary
    Comet implementation.
  • Doc for how subscription stuff works. a bit of refactoring toward a second
  • Added sample apps and design docs from the PubSub/Comet hackathon


  • Initial support for prefetched collections. -jesse
  • Added support for SQL::ReservedWords to the schema tool, to stop me from
    building applications for Postgres on SQLite and hurting myself later
  • Add a CheckSchema option to the config file to govern the SQL Schema
    keyword checking -jesse
  • Classify databases failing an SQL::ReservedWords check for nicer output
  • Better debugging information when running actions -jesse


  • Updated tutorial to remove mention of the deprecated download area. -pjf
  • Provided extra tips on how to install Jifty using Perl's standard CPAN
    module on both Unix-like and Win32 systems. -pjf
  • Documented PageRegions usage -wolfgang
  • Show an example of a canonicalizer (lifted from the jifty presentations).
  • Document the ability to frob other pieces of the action from a
    canonicalizer -falcone
  • Jifty::Manual::UsingCSSandJS - Fix the misspelled "app.css" to the correct
    "app.js"; minor reformatting. -audreyt
  • Jifty::Manual::Models - It mentions <> as the SQL inequality operator, but
    all internal code uses != instead; change the doc to match reality.
  • Jifty::Manual::Cookbook - Trivial typo. -audreyt
  • Jifty::Manual::AccessControl, Jifty::Manual::RequestHandling - Change C<
    objEmeth > to the more readable C<< obj->meth >> POD syntax. -audreyt
  • expanded AccessControl.pod to reflect changes in Login plugin -wolfgang
  • added a pod describing Jifty's request handling process -wolfgang
  • added a german translation for Tutorial.pod -wolfgang
  • Minor fixes to pod -evdb
  • added explanations about Login Plugin to AccessControl.pod -wolfgang
  • updated Models.pod to reflect recent changes -wolfgang
  • added a section on 'limit' to 'Models.pod' -wolfgang
  • Supply documentation for all of the methods which had been missing it
  • Jifty::Param::Schema merge algorithm rescued from the obscurity of commit
    logs. -jesse
  • Corrected Jifty::Record::current_user_can: The right is 'update', not
    'edit' -jesse
  • Jifty::Record::current_user_can: "admin" should have been "delete" -jesse
  • Added the time and date filters to the cookbook. -nelhage
  • Improved docs for Jifty::RightsFrom -jesse
  • Improved docs for Jifty::Record (Access control related functionality)
  • Added a documentation fileon CSS and JS -wolfgang
  • Jifty::Param::Schema - Trivial doc fix to s/Wifty/MyApp/. -audreyt
  • Jifty::Action - add documentation for the automatic moniker generation
    algorithm. -audreyt
  • Minor documentation updates -gaal
  • Jifty::Script::FastCGI doc - it's share/web/ not web/ nowadays. -audreyt
  • Two simple POD typos, one spotted by Gaal Yahas. -audreyt
  • Minor spelling corrections. -jpeacock
  • Fixed a cookbook typo, and add some sentences describing an issue when
    defer{} failed to dwim. -gugod
  • A cookbook recipe to do ajax canonicalization. -gugod
  • Jifty::Action POD: Copy-n-paste the synopsis from Jifty::Param::Schema and
    correctly L<> there. -audreyt


  • First release for plugins AuthLDAPOnly and AuthLDAPLogin, all comments are
    welcome -yves
  • Login plugin : Add missing Notification::ConfirmLostPassword, dispatcher
    for passwordreminder, let to reset lost password -yves
  • Added an action to let the user change his/her password in the login plugin
  • AuthLDAP plugins: minor doc and debian rules fix -yves
  • You can now run actions and get back arbitrary data formats from the REST
    dispatcher -nelhage
  • REST dispatcher cleanups. -jesse
  • First cut at XML webservices in the REST plugin -jesse
  • The first bit of major refactoring of the REST plugin. -jesse
  • we loves our ACLs, we do. The REST plugin was violating too much
    encapsuplation -jesse
  • Added Module::Install files for plugins EditInPlace and Login; some of them
    were in the MANIFEST but not the repository, so we were getting false
    warnings of missing files when running 'make distclean'. -jpeacock
  • Add license to Login plugin's Makefile.PL. NOTE: remember to increment the
    plugin's $VERSION strings before releasing to CPAN (else updates won't get
    installed). -jpeacock


  • Jifty.pm: Load I18N after plugins, but before the main classloader, so the
    main classes has access to _(). - audreyt
  • Removed support for Devel::Gladiator. It was very, very beta and caused
    server processes to end up as zombies -jesse
  • qw'' is just weird. Change all instances to qw(). -schwern
  • Jifty::Action::Record 'use'd DateManip but never uses it. -schwern
  • It also used UNIVERSAL::require but did all of its requires via
    Jifty::Util. -schwern
  • Yet another fix to the URI-from-env feature, fixes a failing test (reported
    by alexmv++). -gaal
  • Guessing request schemes from the environment is fragile, so make the
    fallback on BaseURL more reliable. -gaal
  • when inferring a scheme for the application, look at REQUEST_URI instead of
    assuming http://. Fixes tangent() on non-http:// apps. -gaal
  • Use Jifty->app_class whenever possible -alexmv
  • Code cleanups in Jifty/Subs.pm -alexmv
  • Fix for when Jifty->web->url is called with query parameters -alexmv
  • Added a Module::Pluggable subclass to get our own (somewhat improved)
    require behaviour -jesse
  • We were not properly removing blank values on record create -jesse
  • Better handling of current_user when used as a class method -jesse
  • use ApplicationClass, not Application Name in the login plugin -clkao
  • Add _is_readable in Jifty::Record, which means the record should bypass
    current_user_can in check_read_rights. -clkao
  • Add results_are_readable argument to collection to mark records with
    _is_readable. -clkao
  • Minor refactoring to enable non-cookie based session storage -jesse
  • Use Jifty->app_class to construct app-space class names. -clkao

Web UI

  • Links and Form titles needed to be better escaped -jesse
  • Add delete option in admin view (for Jamalle - private joke) -yves
  • Jifty::Param - It's no longer a Jifty::Web::Form::Field subclass. -audreyt
  • Add the ability to send "notes" to users from your canonicalizer. This is
    separate from the warning and error spans used by the validator -falcone
  • validator.xml - allow us to update action data just by changing it. Without
    this you had to set ajax_canonicalizes on a field in order to change it and
    have it propagated back. --falcone
  • Some refactoring of form field rendering, and adding a focus => argument to
    form fields to focus them on page load. -nelhage
  • Switch our implementation of autofocus to use behavior, rather than a
    custom onload event -jesse
  • Fix calendar div & IE select box problem -ishigaki
  • Do a slightly more generic dereferencing on the user object's friendly name
    in the sidebar -jesse
  • Fixing autocomplete so we render the autocomplete div *before
  • the javascript, so the JS can hook it. -nelhage
  • Remove useless check in buttonToLink to get a javascript performance boost.
  • Make render_messages sort on result moniker as well. -audreyt
  • Jifty::Response: Ensure consistent ordering from monikers. -audreyt

Jifty Actions

  • Jifty::Action: Generate stable auto-monikers for actions based on the
    caller stack. -audreyt
  • Negative searching for Search actions -jesse
  • Added an option to search the contents of any text field to jifty search
    actions -nelhage
  • Jifty::Action::Record: Allow the same for user-generated param vs CRUD
    actions. -audreyt
  • Jifty::Action - Autoincrement the per-request stash counter for the case of
    looped action creation. -audreyt
  • Fixed 'mandatory' validation misbehavior -- 'mandatory' now handled
    correctly -wolftang
  • Jifty::Param::Schema: Allow partial override of superclass's PARAMS by
    simply declaring a sub "param" and fill them with the fields you'd
    override. -audreyt
  • Jifty::Web / Jifty::Action: Stickiness now works on autogenerated monikers.


  • Change Jifty::Util's probe of bin/jifty from -x to -r for poor people on
    filesystems that does not have a executable bit. (The maybe_command is
    still needed for the .bat case.) -audrety
  • Fix the bin/jifty detection logick: The .bat extension exists for MSWin32,
    cygwin and os2, so use MM->maybe_command for those three platforms.
  • Also, the -e check is redundant after -x, and in Win32 we can use bin/
    jifty.bat alone without bin/jifty, so make the check respect that case.
    Reported by: Stephen at s-team -audreyt

Building apps

  • Small error string change to suggest looking for missing use lines in
    models where refer_to is used -bartb
  • Ongoing work to pass through Class::ReturnValue errors all the way from
    Jifty::DBI to the view layer -jesse
  • create scaffolding actions with the new Jifty::Param::Schema syntax

Dependencies and installation

  • Makefile.PL typo. Spotted by David Adler -jesse
  • Files for debian packaging, now rather for actual cpan release than for
    svn. -yves
  • Update MANIFEST.SKIP and run 'make manifest' to ensure that new files get
    added properly. -jpeacock
  • Added a dependency on libextutils-command-perl to debian control file
  • Older DBI versions didn't provide the API we're using. (0.22 is known bad)
  • Remove PerlIO::gzip as a Jifty dependency. -audreyt
  • Older XML::Writer versions failed tests. Dependency bumped - Thanks to
    Jonathan Stowe -jesse
  • Reverting to dumping using YAML.pm *again*, because YAML::Syck generates
    XML that makes YAML segfault :/ -nelhage
  • Fixed missing dependency on Module::CoreList -- Thanks to Henry Baragar


  • The ubiquitous "There was an error completing the request. Please try again
    later.") error message should be localised. -audreyt
  • We now default the location of the jifty siteconfig file -jesse
  • For some reason, loc('') started spewing out PO metadata. This seems to be
    b0rkeness on the Locale::Maketext layer, but for now generalize the undef
    detection logic in Jifty::I18N to recognize that case. -audreyt
  • "You need to fill in this field" needs to be localized. -audreyt
  • Stopped the internationalization system from exploding if a plugin doesn't
    have a module_dir -alexmv
  • The internationalization system now extracts messages from TemplateRoot,
    not share. -clkao
  • Plugin internationalization and french po files -yves
  • Jifty::I18N: New ->refresh method so .po files are reloaded properly when
    DevelMode is on. -audreyt
  • Even more l10n on Jifty::Action::Record. -audreyt


  • Jifty::Test: canonpath-ed for Win32 -ishigaki
  • make sure to skip 04memcached.t if you don't have Cache::Memcached
  • skip all the live tests (that call 'start_ok') on Win32 -ishigaki
  • shut up warnings when tests have no plan (t/Continuations/03-gc.t)
  • Added Jifty::Test->web to allow using Jifty->web in tests without a bunch
    of scaffolding.
  • Converted search tests to using Jifty::Test->web -schwern
  • Basic compile and startup tests for the Chat sample -schwern

Email notifications

  • When sending email notifications, encode the message body -clkao
  • MIME-encode notification subjects. -clkao
  • Content-transfer-encoding needs to be 8bit. -clkao
  • Don't set notification transfer_encoding to 8bit if it's actually
    multipart. -clkao


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