[jifty-devel] Web development platform contest and Perl / Jifty

Alvar Freude alvar at a-blast.org
Thu Nov 23 20:33:46 EST 2006

Hi users (developers!) of Jifty and Perl,

(sorry for crossposting this to a lot of lists, but Perl needs YOU!)

There is an international contest and comparison with scientific
evaluation about programming languages (and frameworks) for web 


It would be good for the reputation for Perl, if we participate with 
good teams.

If you want to participate, you may contact me for further informations
etc. If you have suggestions for other teams, you may also write me.

There is also a mailing list for Perl coordination etc:


The details:

The contest will take place at the end of January in Nürnberg
(Nuremberg), Germany.

As member of the German Perl Workshop team I am the "platform
representative" for Perl [1] and we are searching at least three 
top teams à three developers for the Perl platform.


The goal of the contest is to compare the pros and cons of each
development language approach. It is not primary about comparing the
teams itself. For this, good teams for each language are searched.

The contest is organized by the Free University of Berlin, Linux 
Business Campus Nürnberg (a non profit association for promoting Open
Source) and iX, a german magazine for enterprise computing.

So my question is, if YOU want to participate with a team (three
developers) at the contest?
If traveling costs are a problem: the German Perl Workshop may support
good teams. 

When you have a recommendation for other top Perl web developers,
companies and/or teams, which may participate, feel free to write me!

The benefit for companies is, that their names will be promoted in the
papers written by the Free University of Berlin, and the papers will
be published not only in the computer sciences community, but also as
study and in business magazines etc. So this may be a good chance to
promote Perl as a business ready (Web-) programming language -- and 
the participating companies or teams as well!

If you have further questions, feel free to ask me! You may also have
a look at the FAQ and the detailed announcement:


If you want to participate or if you have already filled out the 
"Request for admittance", 


then it would be good if you join the perl mailing list to the contest:


Thanks && Ciao

Initially Perl was not listed as a platform, because the organizers
thought it is dead; we convinced the Organizers to include Perl and 
now have to proove, that it isn't dead ;-)

** Alvar C.H. Freude, http://alvar.a-blast.org/
** http://www.wen-waehlen.de/
** http://odem.org/
** http://www.assoziations-blaster.de/

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