[jifty-devel] FakeAdmin version check fails on freebsd(6)

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed May 10 14:59:46 EDT 2006

> A quick test would be to make sure that Module::Install is up-to-date 
> and then nuke the ./inc directory (which, in my opinion, shouldn't be in 
> the repository at all) and let it recreate.  You can still package inc/ 
> when you build a release, but it is probably a bad idea to have that in 
> the repository.  It isn't too much of a hassle for people trying to run 
> out of the repository to have M::I installed...

The reason it's there is for a proper historical record. Knowing _which_
M::I was installed at a given time is hugely important for some insane
classes of debugging.  I suppose we could add a .author directory to inc
and put it in the MANIFEST.SKIP. 

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