[jifty-devel] FakeAdmin version check fails on freebsd(6) SOLVED

John Peacock jpeacock at rowman.com
Wed May 10 14:56:25 EDT 2006

Mike Selner wrote:
>> Is there a reason you have the pure Perl release instead of the XS?  
> Of what package are you asking about please ?

Of version.pm (which comes with both Perl and XS flavors, now with extra 
cheesy goodness!!!).  I wonder whether the freebsd port maintainer chose 
to use the vpp.pm (pure Perl) variant as to eliminate the dependency on 
a C-compiler.  I don't see any tests on Freebsd-6.1 on cpantesters (only 
  4.8 and 5.4).

> This appears to solve it, it is building now.

Actually, I suspect it works now because you already ran it once. 
Module::Install is surprisingly sensitive to initial conditions and 
sometimes just retrying will fix things...


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