[jifty-devel] Can I use Jifty to make a workflow application?

Abhas Abhinav abhas at deeproot.co.in
Wed Mar 29 02:24:41 EST 2006

Hi Jesse!

Thanks for your reply!

On 13:19, Wed 29 Mar 06, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> Abhas Abhinav wrote:
> > Just got to know about Jifty a few days back and since then have been
> > exploring it very actively.
> Cool! How are you finding things?

Very nice! :) Considering that I'm a newbie to both mod_perl and Mason,
I was able to get the MyWeblog test running pretty quickly. Jifty is
very elegant... I understand that it might be a little bit more
difficult to learn because of the absence of many applications and the
fact that is it relatively young.

> Yes. That sounds very doable. While Jifty isn't quite ready to be the
> substrate for every RT instance everywhere on the planet, it's very much
> ready for RT-like applications. (Mostly, I expect to wait about a year

> That sounds like a reasonable approximation of what Jifty is designed
> for. We'd be thrilled to have you hacking in and on Jifty!

Well - to start with, here are some questions and comments. I'll be glad
to update the Jifty Wiki with this info. 

BTW, the application that we're making is for tracking / searching /
matching job requirements with candidates - something like a recruitment
management application to be used internally by a recruitment firm. To
make the application generic, we plan to include support for RT-style
custom fields (to extend the basic DB schema) and transactions (to track
changes to object properties).

1. Am I correct in assuming that it makes more sense to create the
   database using the Jifty::DBI::Schema rather than create it natively
   (using SQL) and then write a database definition in the object's

2. In the test application, I was not able to view the "posts" after I
   disabled administration. This has something to do with permissions
   and access control. Where could I learn something more about this?
   How does one define permissions? What are the default permissions?

Cheers, Abhas.
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