[jifty-devel] Can I use Jifty to make a workflow application?

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Mar 28 23:19:50 EST 2006


Abhas Abhinav wrote:
> Just got to know about Jifty a few days back and since then have been
> exploring it very actively.

Cool! How are you finding things?

> I want to make a small internal workflow application (a bit similar to
> RT). I wanted to know if its possible (within what Jifty can do as of
> now) to make such applications with Jifty. We would be glad to help in
> development of Jifty itself, if we can.

Yes. That sounds very doable. While Jifty isn't quite ready to be the
substrate for every RT instance everywhere on the planet, it's very much
ready for RT-like applications. (Mostly, I expect to wait about a year
before I try rebuilding RT on Jifty, but that's just because we have so
much other stuff going on.)

> What we are looking for is a web application development toolkit that
> can let us separate our code (and business logic) from the UI and which
> lets us manage and manipulate whole lot of data. 

That sounds like a reasonable approximation of what Jifty is designed
for. We'd be thrilled to have you hacking in and on Jifty!



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