[jifty-devel] Duplicate regions and calendar links

Bart Bunting bart at bunting.net.au
Sat Mar 25 23:26:32 EST 2006

Hi again,

I've attached a very small test app which shows a couple of problems I'm

I'm trying to figure out if they are caused by something in my setup or if
they are genuine Jifty bugs.

There are three things, two of which I suspect are related.

Just use the admin interface and try and create a product record.

1 The calendar link on the date field does not pop up a window.
2 when you add a new product the image file is not uploaded into the
3 when you add a new product a warning about duplicate regions is shown.
4 when you start with an empty database the message "no records found" or
something similar is shown.  This remains there even after the first record
is added.

Can someone confirm that they are seeing the same behaviour?

This is simply a test app created with

jifty app --name Test
jifty model --name Product

cut and pasting the column defs into the Product model

jifty schema --setup



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