[jifty-devel] passing variables from web fragments

bart at urnet.com.au bart at urnet.com.au
Wed Mar 22 17:35:39 EST 2006


I think I'm almost getting the hang of this :).
got one question though that I'm still struglling with.

I've copied the code from the admin console that does new/update/view on records

It's working but I've modified the page to take a parameter for which category I'm editing.

I can't seem to get that passed back to the top of the page (list fragment)

when I submit a new entry the category value is lost.

I've tried encoding it in the url, I've tried using the args entry on the submit.
what I have now (not working though)

    label    => 'Create',
    url => '/admin/CategoryMembers?category=$category',
    onclick  => [
                 { submit => $create },
                 { refresh_self => 1 },
                   element => $region->parent->get_element('dl.list'),
                   append => '/admin/fragments/categoryMembers/view',
                   args   => { 
                              id          => { result_of => $create, name => 'id' },
			      category => $category,
    ) %>

any pointers?

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