[jifty-devel] Perhaps another bug :)

Marc Beyer djhumbucker at tirwhan.org
Wed Mar 22 08:20:29 EST 2006

Jesse Vincent :

> The previous poster was correct. Jifty::DBI doesn't go to lengths to
> stop you from using an SQL reserved word for a column name, which means
> it might blow up. Should we be trying to protect you from yourself with
> a list of reserved words?

Maybe there could be a configuration (or installation) option for
prepending all created tables and columns with a string? E.g.

  Prefix: ji_

would create and use the column "ji_order" in the database when
specified as "order" in the Schema class.

I'm not sure what kind of runtime penalty that would entail, but it
would give users who don't want to care about hitting a reserved word an
easy workaround. Might also be useful if you're mixing Jifty- and
non-Jifty tables in a single database.



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