[jifty-devel] possible bug in Jifty::DBI::Schema

bart bunting bart at bunting.net.au
Sun Mar 19 00:28:29 EST 2006


I'm seeing something very strange with a column definition.

If I define the column as shown below I end up with two additional
items in valid_values, mandatory and 1.  However, if I reverse the
last two lines everything behaves as expected.  

Broken version:

column type => 
  type is 'text',
  render_as 'combobox',
  valid_values are qw/Product Additional/,
  is mandatory;

Working version:

column type => 
  type is 'text',
  render_as 'combobox'
  is mandatory,
  valid_values are qw/Product Additional/;

I think this is either a bug or if there is some specific order things
should be defined in I haven't found it anywhere in the man pages.



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