[jifty-devel] question about binary encoding

Bart Bunting bart at bunting.net.au
Thu Mar 16 21:46:31 EST 2006


I've not got somewhere easy to put it up at the moment, but can email you a
copy it's about 2mb.

I use several screen readers, jaws under windows but for all my Linux stuff
I mostly use emacspeak or alternatively speakup.

I won't post the 2m file to the list but if anyone else wants a copy I'm
happy to give it to them.

It's a little embarrassing, I'm not wonderful at perl and this is very much
a work in progress, converting a windows ASP website
http://www.bestbuds.com.au over to Jifty.

Not much is working yet, I'm just trying to get the basic product upload
stuff working to the point that images are able to be stored in the database
and displayed.  Much is a cut and paste of the existing site.

The /admin url is where you can upload and img_display is meant to show the
image.  product images are accessed through /img/x.jpg

Hope this is enough info.


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> > Ooops,
> >
> > Sorry, I'm using a screenreader and didn't listen to that line in it's
> > entirety, should pay more attention.
> No worries. (Which screen reader, incidentally?)
> >
> > Anyway the odd thing is that it returns 9 for the length.  Which seems
> > strange given that the output is 1100k or so.  and the input is
> about 650k.
> > The 9 appears to be correct in that when i do the select 9 chars are
> > printed, some of them are obviously binary things the screen reader
> > describes the first for example as "a tilda inverted
> questionmark" whatever
> > that is :).
> If your data isn't proprietary, would you be willing to put it up
> somewhere I could download and poke at it?
> Jesse
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