[jifty-devel] [PATCH] Call isa() and can() as Methods

chromatic chromatic at wgz.org
Tue Mar 14 18:02:46 EST 2006

On Tuesday 14 March 2006 14:59, jesse at bestpractical.com wrote:

> Sadly, it looks like we're missing Jifty core coverage for RightsFrom.
> From our internal app:
> t/19-task-collection-acls.......Can't call method "isa" without a
> package or object reference at
> /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.7/Jifty/RightsFrom.pm line 113.

It looks like rearranging the if/else clauses to fail first if there's no 
attribute of that name would clear up most of the problem.  Otherwise, the 
standard eval { } trick around the method call will handle it.

-- c

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