[jifty-devel] Jifty::action behavior

Nelson Elhage nelhage at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 28 11:56:27 EDT 2006

Hey all,

I've been planning to write up some Jifty::Action documentation,
including a ``Why the **** isn't my action getting run?''
troubleshooting guide, in order to document some of the gotchas I've
run into.

After reading source and playing around with actions a little, I've
arrived at the following summary of behaviours with registration and

If I have an action created by

my $action = Jifty->web->new_action(class   => 'Foo',
                                     moniker => 'do_foo',
                                     arguments => { bar => 1, baz => 

$action->button(...) *will* register the action with the form, but
Jifty->web->link(submit => $action) alone will not

Furthermore, assuming that C<bar> is a C<constructor> argument, and
baz isn't, C<bar> will be automatically submitted by the action
registration, but C<baz> will be essentially ignored for the purposes
of generating HTML?

Are both these statements correct, and, if so, is this really the
desired behaviour? I know I found both of these to be a bit
counterintuitive. I'd like to figure this out, and then document as

Thanks for the help,

- Nelson Elhage

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